MaryVirginia Nursery and Primary School invites her parents for Unity/Founders day/Exhibition day at MaryVirginia Nursery and Primary School on 25th March, 2017

Resumption Date 9th January, 2017

First week 9th January to 13th January Revision

Second week 16th January to 20th January Lessons

Third week 23rd January to 27th January Lessons

Fourth week 30th January to 3rd February Lessons

1st Continuous Assessment for primary classes (Grade 1 – Grade 2)

Fifth week 6th February to 10th February Lessons

Sixth week 13th February to 17th February Lessons

(For the Grade classes, Mid Term Test for the Nursery Classes)

Seventh week 20th February to 24th February Mid Term Break

Eight week 27th February to 3rd March Lessons Continue>/p>

Ninth week 6th March to 10th March Lesson

2nd Continuous Assessment for Primary classes (Grade 1 to Grade 5)

Tenth week 13th March to 17th March Lessons

Eleventh week 20th March to 24th March Revision

25th March, 2017. Unity/Founders day/Exhibition day.

Twelfth week 27th March to 31st March Examination

Thirteenth week 3rd April to 7th April Closing and collection of result

Co-Curriculum Activities Calendar for Mary Virgina Nursery and Primary School

Every Morning Fresh dew (see attached)

Every Wednesday Sport Activities (see attached)

Every Friday Club activities (see attached)

Every Friday swimming lesson from 9:00am – 11:00am

Home Economics practical’s (see attached)

Sixth week Interclass quiz competition

Eight week Interclass spelling bee competitions

Ninth week Interclass debate Competitions

Library Time ranges from class to class

Computer practical ranges from class to class

We also observe UN calendar