Parlament Club

ABEC Parlament has been in existance since 2001 and has taken part in student laws and handled several student cases since inception. The club has visited Rivers Assembly as well as National Assembly in time past. The Club hopes to pass more laws that will move the School foward in the near future.
Young Farmers Club

ABEC Young Farmers Club was established in 2003 and has produced numerous farm products since inception. ABEC students has benefited from the club through the products from the club farm and practicals denomonstrated. The Club is currently working hard with its projects and hopes to win the ABEC Club Competition this year!
Jets Club

Jet Club was established in 2001 and has produced numerous chemical products such as liquid soap and air freshner since inseption and hopes to increase its production in the near future. Students gain alot of knowledge through the club and are always excited when parents buys the products they made.

Welcome to Archdeacon Brown Education Centre

ABEC Principal Mr. Olanegan Kolawole
Welcome to Archdeacon Brown Education Centre, we believe that no child is in educable and each child has the right to be educated without interference. Every child has a faculty to reason which will enable him to meet all eventualities and utilize the environment for his own benefit. The School is fully equipped with Montessori apparatus and we use all materials at our disposal to teach the child. Using our practical life materials, the child learns to care for himself and his environment whilst improving his gross and fine motor controls. 
ABEC has very good records for high performances in academic work as well as for external examinations. The school has maintained great positions in all contests for the past ten years. These trophies are placed in succession – We came 2nd place nation wide in the 5th edition of the National Visual Arts Competition, 2015. 1st place in the 2015 Public and Private Secondary School Quiz Competition in Evo Kingdom. 2nd place in the 2015 African Centre for Environmental Protection (ACEP). 2012 Macmillan Team Success Competition at which ABEC Primary emerged 1st among 300 competing schools, and Winner of 2013 NTA Debate respectively. We encourage you to visit the school in person and you will find great satisfaction with the environment. You will also have the opportunity to survey our pupils about their experiences at ABEC.


Biology Laboratory
Choir at Auditorium
Physics Laboratory
Chemistry Laboratory
Swimming Pool