I am pleased to introduce you to Archdeacon Brown Education Centre (Nursery/Primary School). I believe your expectations for academic standard and conducts are high. We do whatever lies within our power to ensure quality education through constructive programmers which enable the child early in life to become all round efficient. Our obligation is to ensure that every child at ABEC has a good learning experience, and is nurtured with regular loving attention. We are committed to providing high quality education, and we believe that a good learning experience is built on a cooperative effort between parent, child and teacher. We encourage you to become actively involved in the important dialogue between parents, teachers and the pupil. For our part we will always try to respond to any concern or question you may have and together we can make the school one of growth, discovery and significance for your child. We are pioneering a unique method of education in Nigeria and we are certain that our children will march proudly and confidently into the bright new future that we are all looking for. I wish to congratulate as well as thank all pupils who have gained admission into the Nursery and Primary School. Being in school is one the most rewarding experiences a child will have. School work is not always easy, but like any other Endeavour it is a joy to make effort to learn. If you think well and work hard you will excel. Every year our pupils enter for the entrance examination for Archdeacon Brown Secondary School and other prestigious schools along with pupils across the country and overseas. Based on their academic performance they are given special consideration for admission into ABEC Secondary School. We have highly qualified and motivated teachers who are excellent role models, who will lead you to fully develop your potentials. We look forward to a productive, creative and fun school life together.



Message From MD

How can we thank God enough for the great benefits we derived from Him? Our West AfricanSchoolCertificate, Cambridge, and NECO results have all been very excellent, against the Nation’s over-all low performance in these examinations. Our slogan is“Be the Best of the Best”, and in many facets, we have maintained that.

Tradition and Quality

ABEC has very good records for high performances in academic work as well as for external examinations. Every year our children take part in external competitions and they make us proud. The school has maintained 1st position in all contests for the past ten years.

Our Philosophy
We believe that no child is ineducable and each child has the right to be educated without interference. Every child has a faculty to reason which will enable him to meet all eventualities and utilize the environment for his own benefit.The Nursery School is fully equipped with Montessori apparatus

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