Principal Mr. Mmoh A. Kerian

We are glad to introduce our distinguished sixth form college. The college was established in 2009 by her Excellency Dame (DR.) Christy Toby. By the grace of God, this is our fourth year of operating the programme with our pioneer students studying in various institutions all over the world. The A level programme offers students great opportunities to study in diverse and specialized subject areas to enable them secure direct admission into 200 levels in top universities any where in the world, including Nigerian universities, without stress.

Aims and Objectives The A level is an accademic study which helps to develop competence. Independent thinking, study skills, encourage team work, as well as development of critical reasoning and analysis etc.

Course Content Our A/level programme is structured into two major areas which are

  1. Cambridge AS/A level
  2. Degree Foundation

The Cambridge A/Level This programme is structured for young school leavers between the ages of 14 and 18 years. The programme is tri-semester in duration, mixed with excursion, community development services etc. It is highly recommended for young people due to the fact that it develops young mind into excellent adults.

Degree Foundation The degree foundation is an accelerated nine months programme forstudents that have successfully completed Secondary education. It is a sure way entry into the following



Message From MD

How can we thank God enough for the great benefits we derived from Him? Our West AfricanSchoolCertificate, Cambridge, and NECO results have all been very excellent, against the Nation’s over-all low performance in these examinations. Our slogan is“Be the Best of the Best”, and in many facets, we have maintained that.

Tradition and Quality

ABALC has very good records for high performances in academic work as well as for external examinations. Every year our children take part in external competitions and they make us proud. The school has maintained 1st position in all contests for the past ten years.

Our Philosophy
We believe that no child is ineducable and each child has the right to be educated without interference. Every child has a faculty to reason which will enable him to meet all eventualities and utilize the environment for his own benefit.The Nursery School is fully equipped with Montessori apparatus

ABALC opens after the Easter break on the 17th of April, 2016   
ABALC holds a seminar on Physics - Computerized Axial Tomography (CT scanning): Uses and Applications in Medical imaging on 29th Jan., 2016.
ABALC holds a seminar on Accounting - The role of Auditors in small scale business  organization on 19th Feb., 2016..