Dear Parents/Guardians,
All the staff at ABEC bring great commitment and professionalism to their jobs of teaching and caring for children. As you decide to choose our school for your child, we look forward to working with you and hope that you and your child will be very happy.
Please contact us if we can be of further help in any way.
ABEC Nursery and Primary School resumes for the 2017/2018 academic session on the 18th of September 2017.
School Requirements
It is a state requirement that you submit a copy of your child’s birth certificate to the school when admission form is completed together with:
2 passport photographs
Copies of last two terms’ results

Uniforms are obtained from the school office once it is certified that school fees have been duly paid. A clearance will be issued with which all items paid for will be obtained from the school distribution centre.

Children are expected to be neat at all times. Boys should have their hair neatly cut while the girls’ hair should be plaited or neatly packed. For safety reasons, wearing of beads is not allowed. The wearing of jewellery to school is prohibited and girls are asked to wear only stud earrings (one in each ear) if they have their ears pierced.

Writing, Art and Handicraft Materials
Parents are to provide the following writing/art materials:

Poster colours (water base)
Embossed cards
Paper gum / white glue
Pair of rubber butted scissors

School Fees
School fees of ABEC Nursery and Primary School should be paid promptly into school account FCMB 031401019 and tellers returned to the school cash office after payment has been made.
School fees for each term are as follows:

Nursery Primary
1st term 85, 000 120, 000
2nd term 75 ,000 75, 000
3rd term 75 ,000 75, 000
Fees must be paid in full before the due date at the start of school.
A grace period of a fortnight (two weeks) will be allowed in subsequent terms and thereafter a suspension notice will be issued.
A surcharge of five percent (5%) will apply for payments received one week after the due date.
Sibling discount and installment plan, with associated administrative charges is available for parents with up to four children. Prior arrangements should be made with the administrative office.
Students whose tuition fees remain outstanding will be suspended from classes.

Fees do not include the following:
Cardigan, Ceremonial wear, Supplementary or Story Books, Graduation Fees, PTO levy, Transport, Excursion Fees, photos, souvenir album, yearbook and any charges due to club activities, societies etc.

The annual fee includes:
Text books, Exercises books, Worksheets, Library, Computer lab usage and Sports coverage.

The school will always facilitate the communication process between school and home and support home/school partnerships in relation to homework.
The School requests that parents fulfil particular roles and responsibilities so that positive benefits from homework may accrue.

Responsibilities of Parents
To affirm positive attitudes towards homework
To read with or to their children and provide frequent opportunities for independent work
To encourage their children to manage their time and meet homework deadlines
To celebrate their children’s learning successes
To provide access to technology to support student learning
To provide feedback to teachers where required

Responsibilities of Students 
To take pride in and submit their best work
To try to be fully engaged with the homework task
To bring completed work to school by the due date
To ask their teacher or parents if they are having difficulty understanding a task or need assistance

Club Activities
The School believes that participation in extracurricular activities enables students to develop talents that may find little expression in the classroom. Therefore we encourage each child to belong to a club depending on student interest. The clubs listed below will be active this school year.
Tender Doves Football Club
Health + Sports club
Literary Club
Mathematics Club
Science + Technology
Art + Craft
The school requires parents to find out which club their child belongs and render the process of involvement as important.
Once again, thank you immensely for choosing ABEC as your trusted school.

Yours Truly,





The envelop contains the following items

  • Application form made up of two parts, the form and the counterfoil.
  • Hand bills and the School brochure
  • Photo Card on which the student's exam number is written and a provision to attach his/her passport into the Examination Hall on the exam date.

Completion and return of Forms:

      • On purchase of the form, the child's Name, Address and Class for admission is written on the counter foil detached and retained.
      • The rest of the content of the envelop is handed to the parent for completion.
      • The Completed form should be returned with two passport photographs, one on the photo card and the other on the form itself.
      • The form is given out with the corresponding photo card (i.e the photo card with the same serial number). the exam dates are also written on the space provided for that purpose on the photo card and given along with the form.


Accreditation of candidates starts 8am. Students are expected to come with their writing materials.

The exam is made up of three papers.

    • Paper I is Mathematics and Quantitative aptitude lasting for 1hr 45 minutes.
    • Paper II is Vocational Studies, which will last for 45 minutes.
    • Paper III is English and Verbal Reasoning which will last for 1 hr 30 minutes.

The exam is billed to last for a total of four (4) hours.

Oral Interview for successful candidates will hold on a fixed date.


Signed: Mbaka, N.N.